Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

NCC Ops Claim Leading Scores in 2017 CQWWDX Tests

2017 was another winning year for NCC members in the most popular contests of the year – the CQWWDX tests.  Our top stations again can be found among the top claimed scores in these contests.  Here is an overview:

SSB Weekend

Once again, K3LR finds itself with the top USA claimed score with over 20.1 million points, nearly 5 million points ahead of East Coast rival W3LPL and way ahead of the 16.3 million point second-place claimed score of V26K.   This will be the 13th consecutive USA win for the K3LR superstation.  What a record!  Tim’s ops ended up making 9,631 contacts during the weekend, compared with 7,600 for Frank’s crew.  Their 2017 ‘LR contact total was well ahead of the 6,809 contacts they made in 2016 when conditions were terrible.  Wouldn’t it be nice if this were the beginning of a recovery in conditions?

In the super-competitive multi-single high power category, the K8AZ superstation, handicapped by being over 500 miles further from Europe than its main rivals, ended up in a virtual tie for third place with K5TR, behind W1NA and K1XM operating at K1LZ. 

Only three other NCC stations submitted SSB logs for the SSB weekend:  N2ZN, K8LY and K8ZT. 

CW Weekend

In the CW weekend, W3LPL again edged out K3LR 18,471,360 to 18,163,258 points.  This was a real squeaker, with Tim’s crew actually finding four more zones but Frank’s ops finding 157 more contacts.  These two scores are so close that it is conceivable that log checking could change the result.  The third-place claimed score was 12.6 million points from NR4M. 

In the Multi-Two category, two of NCC’s biggest stations competed for the top spot in the USA.  The crew at W2FU ended up second in the US behind the KC1XX station in New Hampshire with a really impressive 11.3 million point score.  Further west in the Cleveland area, K8AZ’s ops put in a 48 hour effort ending up just behind K2LE (8.9 million points) and K9CT (8.6 million points) with 8.4 million points to finish in the fifth spot in the US. 

A total of 7 NCC members submitted scores this time, a little better than the SSB weekend, but still not a very good showing, although quite a few members were busy at the multi-op stations.  In addition to the three superstations mentioned above, N8TR, K8ZT, K8LY and W1NN submitted scores for the club. 

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