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Upcoming Events

 Dayton 2014

 May 16-18 are the dates for this year’s Dayton Hamvention.  The sponsors are gearing up for the biggest Hamvention yet.  Tickets and information at

 And the day before Dayton is Contest University 2014, organized by none other than NCC’s own Tim Duffy, K3LR.  See

 At Dayton, the premier event for contesters is the Dayton Contest Dinner, sponsored by NCC and organized by Tim.  This year’s event is the 22nd annual dinner!  See for details.  

 And as they have done for many years, the North Coast Contesters along with the Mad River Radio Club and Frankford Radio Club will again sponsor the Super Suite, held Friday and Saturday nights in the Harding Ballroom of the Crown Plaza Hotel. 

 On April 20, 2014 at 9 PM, Tim K3LR will again host a Webinar on the Contest University and Dayton Contester Activities.  You can sign up for this at the World Wide Radio Operators Foundation website  The presentation will be recorded and posted in the Webinar Archives on the WWROF site. 


February 2014

W2FU Wins Multioperator, High Power Category in 2013 CW Sweepstakes

The recently-published Initial Results for the 2013 CW Sweepstakes indicate that the crew at W2FU won the  Multioperator, High Power category!   This was not just for the WNY section but for the entire country and Canada.  Ops at Jeff's superstation were K0SM, N2ZN, NM2O, NW2K and W2FU himself.  Congratulations to Jeff and crew for another big win for NCC.

Other club winners for NCC in the Initial Results were Hal W1NN, who squeeked past W8CAR to win the Great Lakes Division for LP, placing second in the Central  Region, and Bob, K8BL, who placed first in the Unlimited category in the Great Lakes Division  and third in the Central Region.  Note that Hal was operating remote from Japan for this contest.  Dan, W8CAR  placed third in LP in the Central Region.

New Member Information - K8ZT

We asked new member Anthony Luscre for a little biographical information and he provided the following:

I was first licensed in 1981 as KA8NRC, along with KA8ODP my wife Linda. Not knowing any better, I choose a QRP rig for my first Novice experience. Now over 45,000 QRP contacts later I have worked QRP DXCC totals of 321 (297 confirmed) Mixed, 303 (265 Confirmed)CW  and 297 (259 Confirmed) Phone and WAS QRP on 5 bands (still waiting for KL7 on 160M and KY & WV on 15 & 10). My first forays into contesting were driven by enjoyment of DXing (unfortunately most contests no longer result in new countries) and my contesting has became more interested in actually competing.

As with my other operations all of my home contesting is in QRP category with frequent top 5 finishes in CQ WW and CW  & CQ WW PH. 2011 I finished first in USA- CQ WW PH and first USA-CQ WW CW Assisted. I upgrade to Extra Class in 2000 and after long contemplation, received vanity call K8ZT. I work as Director of Technology for a School District and I am currently serving as Ohio Assistant Section Manager for Education Outreach. My small lot allows for a modest antenna farm with a small beam at 50', a 80/160 Sloper and 43' Vertical. I am also a member of Cuyahoga Falls ARC, a variety of QRP clubs and soon MRRC.

Good NCC Participation in the February CW Sprint

10 NCC members and 10 NCC friends - making two full 10-person teams - got together to participate in the February CW Sprint held on February 2.  The following NCC member scores were submitted:

NO3M 16,368; K3LR 15,337 W2FU (op N2ZN) 15,250; W1NN 13,200; N8AA 13,008; K8MR (@K5KG)12,735; NW2K 12,408; K3UA 10,956; ND8L 9,840; N3SD 7,040.

Friends of NCC, including quite a few Mad River Radio Club members, included:

K9NW (@K9UWA) 15,680; KW8N 14,749; NP2X (K9VV) 14,210; W2RQ 14,112;  W9PA 12,950; N8EA 11,880; KL7RA 9,460; N8SS 8,987; K1AR 1,769; N8XX 1,032. 

Thanks to NCC President Tim Duffy K3LR for getting the whip out and putting together these two teams. 

January 2014

·        *  K3LR Turns Up in VP2V!

      Much to the surprise of many members, NCC President Tim Duffy showed up on Top Band during the CQ160 CW test in late January and passed out 200 contacts.  The lucky few who managed to work Tim had to first copy Tim’s 45+ WPM QRQ CW and then get through a horrendous pileup.  Thanks Tim!

*    Great Turnout for January NAQP Tests

      Quite a few members joined the NCC/ MRRC teams for the January CW and SSB NAQPs.  A total of 29 members from the two clubs were registered on six teams for CW and four teams and 17 members were registered for SSB.

*    Teams Place Well in August NAQP CW Test

NCC/MRRC fielded five teams in the August 2013 NAQP CW, and two of our teams made the top ten, outscoring all other clubs in the country.  The Northern California Contest Club team captured the top spot but two of our teams placed in the top ten (5th and 10th) so our total score placed us first.  Well done!

·        *  NCC Annual Meeting Held on January 4 at K8AZ

Despite terrible winter driving conditions, attendance at the annual K8AZ Xmas Party and NCC Meeting was good with 17 members present.  Major items of business: elected officers, decided to sponsor new plaque for CQWW RTTY, appointed contest whips (see list below), discussed additional contributions for WRTC 2014, approved membership for K8ZT, and other matters.  The officers for 2014 are as follows:

President – Tim Duffy, K3LR to succeed Tom Lee, K8AZ
Vice President – Tom Lee, K8AZ to succeed Ron Harps, K8NZ
Secretary/Treasurer – Ray Fallen, ND8L to succeed Tim Herrick, KQ8M
Webmaster – Hal Offutt, W1NN to succeed Tim Herrick, KQ8M

Sincere thanks to K8AZ, K8NZ and KQ8M for their long time leadership and service to the club.  We are counting on your support going forward.    


Amazing Video Tour of K3LR

For those of us that have not seen Tim's, K3LR, antenna farm and even if you have you won't want to miss this first hand view of the amtennas.

About North Coast Contesters

NCC was formed in 1989 to further the efforts of contesters interested in the CQWW and ARRL DX contests. The member area of the club is a 175 mile circle that includes major parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania and extends into western New York.

Over the the years NCC has given back to contesting by encouraging members to compete in and enjoy the major DX tests. Because of this NCC has won the medium club competition in ARRL DX test 15 times and the past 8 years (Brag Page).

NCC also has a presence at the Dayton Hamvention, cosponsoring the Contest Super Suite. We are proud to count K3LR, owner and driving force behind the K3LR M/M machine and recent inductee into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame, as a member.

NCC sponsors 5 plaques for ARRL SS and 2 plaques for CQWW CW and SSB.

Some Useful Links

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 North Coast Contesters is an ARRL affiliated club.

            Officers 2014

K3LR        President
K8AZ        Vice- President
ND8L       Secretary/Treasurer

            Contest Whips

K3GP         RTTY
K3LR         ARRL DX and Sprints
W1NN        NAQP
NW2K        ARRL Sweepstakes
KQ8M        WPX


Photo Album

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Contest University and Contest Dinner at Dayton 2014

Registration for Contest University 2014. check it out.


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