Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

2017 ARRL DX CW Results

Results are out for the 2017 ARRL International DX CW Contest and NCC again dominated or nearly dominated several important categories for W/VE stations.  Here is a summary of our members’ efforts.

W2FU crushed their rivals in the Multi Two category from WNY with a score more than 1.5 million points ahead of second place K9CT.  The ‘FU ops garnered 5,127 contacts and 547 mults versus 4,226 and 528 for ‘CT.  Great going, Jeff & Co.  The K8AZ crew in Cleveland came in fourth in this competitive category with 3,859 and 518.

In the MM category, K3LR’s operators found 7 more mults than their MDC rival W3LPL but Frank’s guys managed 214 more contacts to edge out K3LR 11,982,705 points to 11,766,090 points.  Talk about a close race! 

In the SOAB high power category, K3CR piloted by LZ4AX took first place in this most competitive category from WPA, beating out K1ZZ in Connecticut.  Whether high power or low power, Alex is almost always on top of the list!  Good job, Alex.

In another photo finish, VP2MVV, operated by NCC member N2ZN and WJ2O, barely missed a first in world DX ranking in the multi single low power category.  The crew at V3T were 6 multipliers behind but 114 contacts ahead to edge out the guys at VP2MVV by a mere 33,666 points (4,794,258 to 4,760,592).  That must have been a real heartbreaker.

Over in Asia, your webmaster, struggling with terrible conditions, managed to win the 40 meter single band category in Japan from 7J1AAI with 565 contacts and 52 mults. This would have been the top 40 meter score in Asia but for the fact that the continent of Asia extends all the way to Turkey and TA3D was able to make over 400 more contacts than anyone else in that “continent.”  Hal also found time to put W1NN on the air remotely to contribute a couple more points to the NCC club score.

Other noteworthy scores were produced by K8CX (nearly 2,000 contacts), N8TR and WW3S.  The latter’s LP assisted score was the top score in WPA and 6th in North America.

All together, NCC members submitted 16 scores for the club in the CW weekend totaling 41 million points, 30,559 contacts, and 4,426 multipliers!      


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