Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

Report on January Annual NCC Meeting

Here is Ray, ND8L’s report from the January 16 meeting at the QTH of Tom Lee, K8AZ.

Thanks to K8AZ for hosting another great NCC winter get-together. Those of you who couldn’t join us missed a great time, capped off byW8WWV’s amazing video of the building of the 96, count ’em 96 element 10 meter array at NO8D. Greg shared with the group that the array also works nicely SWR-wise all the way down 27 Mhz. Breaker Breaker one-nine, indeed! Tim…I’d like to order one. When will it be in the DX Engineering catalog?

The Treasurer’s Report indicates: NCC’s treasury balance as of 1/1/15 was $2,444.51.  Total dues collected in 2015 (normal dues and voluntary contributions) were$1240.00.  Our disbursements in 2015 were $930.95, of which two items, totaling $450.00, were an extraordinary, one-time spend.  We paid K3LR for a seriously past due bill of $150.00 for the *2014 *DaytonSuper Suite and Scott Neider, KA9FOX, at QTH.COM $300.00 for his invaluable assistance to Senior Web Guru W1NN that brought NorthCoastContesters.COM into the new century.  If you haven’t already, check out your club’s web site from your computer, tablet or Smart Phone…yep, it’s that good.

The other $480.95 of normal disbursements included payments for the *2015*Super Suite, CQ World Wide Plaques and also to QTH.COM for the 2015 web site hosting fees. The NCC Treasury has $2753.56 in the bank as of 12/31/2015.  We have one outstanding bill from QTH.COM for $11.50 which will be paid this month.

Your treasurer’s analysis was that even with $450.00 in one-time payments and no projected extraordinary payments for 2016…our treasury still grew by about $310.00 in 2015.  To that end, we voted to have a holiday for the 2016 NCC dues of $20.00.

However, it was also agreed that those of you who wish to make a completely voluntary and anonymous donation, are welcome to do so. You may mail a check payable to Ray Fallen (uh, that would be me) to: 504East Liberty St. Hubbard, Ohio 44425-2136. Please do *NOT *make your check payable to NCC or ND8L as I’m unable to deposit them.

Contrary to my accountant’s training and nature, I will *not* be keeping alist of voluntary donors…or checking it twice. I will report TOTAL voluntary donations to the NCC reflector in a couple of months.

Your NCC officers for 2016 are:

K8AZ – President,

K3LR – Vice President,

ND8L – Secretary/Treasurer

W1NN – Senior Web Guru.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing from your Contest Whips and apologize that my notes aren’t complete…but my recollection is that they were the same as last 2015, except that Jamie, WW3S was volunteered to be RTTY Contest Whip for 2016.

Congrats and welcome to our three new NCC Warriors. Would those of you who sponsored those folks, please send their names, calls and e-mail addresses to W1NN so that they may be added to the NCC Web Roster and the NCC reflector distribution list? Also, please forward a copy of this e-mail to those gentlemen for me.

The rest of us should also e-mail Hal, W1NN and give him an extremely well deserved atta-boy for his outstanding work on the web site.

73,Ray – ND8L

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