Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

NO3M Places Third in 2015 ARRL 160

As many of you have probably noticed, Eric NO3M has been producing some very  noteworthy 160 scores for the last couple of years.  His most recent achievement was in the early December ARRL 160 contest, in which he placed third only behind two 160 powerhouses: VY2ZM and K3ZM, both of whom have significant advantages over Eric, who is less than 25 miles from the Ohio border.  The former was way ahead of everyone else but Eric was not far behind K3ZM.  The final scores were VY2ZM 610,176, K3ZM 479,364 and NO3M 431,238.  Eric came in ahead of two other 160 experts:  AA1K with a score of 417,728 and K1LT at 354,368.  Congratulations, Eric.

Eric has racked up quite a number of high-placing scores over the last few years.  Here are his notable finishes since 2010:

ARRL 160M: 2010 (#7 SOHP), 2012 (#9 SOHP), 2013 (#5 SOHP), 2014 (#4
SOHP), 2015 (#3 SOHP)
CQ 160M CW: 2011 (#9 US SOHP), 2012 (#5 US SOHP), 2013 (#6 US SOHP),
2014 (#4 US SOHP), 2015 (#5 US SOHP)
Stew Perry – TBDC: 2010 (#3 SOLP), 2011 (#3 SOQRP), 2012 (#5 SOHP), 2013
(#1 NA SOHP), 2014 (#3 SOHP), 2015 (#4 SOHP)

See the photo gallery for a picture of Eric’s beautiful transmit Four Square.


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