Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

2016 Sweepstakes Results – NCC Members Win WPA, OH

Sweepstakes is not an event for which the club pulls out all the stops, but quite a few members do participate.  Here’s a wrap up of some of the noteworthy scores registered in the 2016 contests.


W2FU placed third in the multi-single low power category with nearly 170,000 points.  Ops K0SM, N2ZN, NW2K, W2FU and W2GN kept the station on the air full time and made 1,022 contacts. 

In the WPA section, NO3M managed a first place finish in the HP category with just 16 hours in the chair.  K3UA won the LP certificate with 144,000 points. 

In the competitive Ohio section, W1NN managed to sneak into the top ten low power list with a 9th place finish.  Hal’s score of 155,874 was good enough to earn him first place in the Great Lakes Division and the Central District.  W8WTS and W8CAR were close behind. 

Florida snowbird K8MR managed an unusual feat from his winter home in the WCF section.  Jim won the QRP category from his usual operating position in a park on Sarasota Bay, and also came in second in the LP category while operating with the borrowed call sign W4FCG from his apartment.   


At the time of writing, full line scores for the SSB weekend were not yet available on the ARRL website, so when they are, we may add more information.  For now, congratulations are in order to K3UA for his second place overall in the LP category with over 190,000 points and 1146 contacts.  This score also earned Phil first place in the Atlantic Division and first place in the WPA section.  Great job!




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