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Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

NCC Captures Medium Gavel in 2020 ARRL International DX Contest

17 members submitted scores for the CW and SSB weekends in the 2020 ARRL International DX Contest, amassing a score of 21.5 million points, more than enough to secure another gavel for the club in the Medium club competition.  The club placing second was the Central Texas DX & Contest Club, which had 40 entries.  Congratulations NCC!

Unfortunately, the rules of the club competition do not allow K3LR’s scores to be counted, because more than half of Tim’s operators live outside the club territory.  If not for this rule, our club score would have been considerably larger.

Leading off the high scorers in the CW weekend for the club was W2FU’s first place USA/VE Multi2 score of 6.5 million points.  Nice job Jeff and crew.  The next-largest score was that of K8AZ.  Tom’s ops produced 5.5 million points and placed fourth in the M@ category, not far behind the second and third place stations.  Single ops K8CX (#1 in Ohio in the SO Unlimited HP category), WW3S and N8TR also contributed large scores for the club on the CW weekend.  N2WK, K8LY, NJ3K, K8ZT, W8WTS and K8RR also made smaller contributions.

In the SSB weekend, K8AZ’s ops managed a second-place US finish in the M2 category to account for the largest contribution for the club.  K8ZT, who came in first in the country in the SO unlimited QRP category, WW3S, K8LY, K8CX and WZ8P also contributed scores. 

Aside from the club competition, the K3LR superstation racked up another USA/VE win and another runner-up score in the Multi-multi category in the 2020 ARRL International DX Contest.  Tim’s ops dominated the action in the SSB weekend, coming in well ahead of their perennial Maryland rival W3LPL.  K3LR’s final score was 7.3 million points, with 4,989 QSOs and 495 mults versus a score of 6.3 million (4,476 and 477) for W3LPL.  In the CW weekend, it was a real squeaker but ‘LPL edged out the K3LR ops by a mere 43,397 points (9,706,275 versus 9,662,778).  What a heartbreaker!  Both W3LPL and K3LR amassed exactly the same number of mults (537), but ‘LPL managed a mere 50 more contacts!

W1NN, operating 7J1AAI at JH1GTV in Tokyo, managed a first place finish in the single band 40 meter category in Japan on the CW weekend with 678 contacts and 53 sections.  This was also the top score in Asia but just 16th in the world.  The Europeans have a significant advantage over Asian stations in this contest.


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