Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

K3LR Hosts “Team Exuberance” in 2019 WPX Phone

In a splendid gesture of support for young contesters, NCC president Tom Duffy hosted six young and up-and-coming contesters at the K3LR superstation in March 2019 for a serious effort in the WPX phone contest.

The operators consisted of  David VE7DZO, Tomi HA8RT, Levi K6JO, Marty NN1C, Violetta “Kat” KM4ATT, and Bryant KG5HVO. 

This effort was born of a suggestion that Kat KM4ATT made to Tim some months previous and Tim and his team at DXEngineering managed to turn a casual idea into reality, bringing the six participants from all over North America and even from Europe to West Chester, Pennsylvania. 

The event began with a tour and presentation at DXEngineering in Akron followed by a tour of the K3LR station and antenna farm and then a plunge into the WPX contest in the Multi-Two category.  One can only imagine what a thrill it must have been for these young contesters to sit in front of Tim’s fabulous stations and begin to handle the pileups that ensued! 

The team ended up with over 6,000 contacts and a claimed score of 23.8 million points. 

For pictures and additional information on this fantastic 2019 development in contesting, have a look at this website:

Thanks mainly to the score produced by Team Exuberance, NCC managed to place 11th out of 46 clubs in the 2019 WPX club competition.  This competition combines all SSB and CW scores from all members and the total score for NCC reached 25.5 million points.  NCC members submitted four SSB logs and 11 CW logs.  Club members contributing scores in 2019 were N2ZN, K8MR (using the club call NC8C), W1NN, N2WK, N3SD, K3UA, AA8OY, N8AA, K8BL, K8ZT, K8RR and N2WK. 


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