Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

K3LR Elected NCC President at January 14, 2017 Annual Meeting

At the 28th annual meeting of the North Coast Contesters held at the QTH of Tom Lee, K8AZ, Tim Duffy, K3LR, was elected president of the club again.  Tim has served as president several times in prior years. Outgoing president Tom Lee will serve as vice president. 

Here is the report of the meeting submitted by Secretary/Treasurer Ray Fallen, ND8L:

North Coast Contesters

Minutes of the 28th Annual Meeting

January 14, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 8:10PM EST by President Tom Lee and the sign in roster was circulated.

Treasurer’s report was presented by Ray Fallen.  The opening balance in the treasury on 1/1/2016 was $2753.56.  There was a dues holiday in 2016, but there were voluntary contributions of $290.00 received during 2016.  Total disbursements through 1/14/2017 were

$567.40.  These included the Super Suite reimbursement to K3LR, CQWW and ARRL Plaque sponsorships and NorthCoastContesters.COM web hosting expenses paid to KA9FOX.

As of 8PM on 1/14/2017, the balance in the treasury was $2475.86 and the financial health of the club is strong.

President Lee pointed out that annual dues are currently $20.00 with a $10.00 voluntary contribution.  Dues are waived for new members.

President Lee gave a brief report on the NCC web site.  There was a unanimous vote on a resolution commending WebMaster W1NN for his outstanding efforts to modernize the NCC site and keep it updated and relevant.

Old Business:

Vice President Tim Duffy reported on WRTC 2018.  Tim suggested that NCC consider sponsorship of one tent in memory of Val, W8KIC.  Cost of a single tent is $1,000 and while payment is not due immediately, NCC should pledge its support.  It was proposed and approved in a unanimous vote that we sponsor a tent and that NCC would match individual contributions dollar for dollar up to $500.00.

Treasurer Fallen will communicate the procedure for making contributions to NCC members in a separate e-mail.  President Lee discussed the appropriate procedure for making contributions, which again will be discussed in Fallen’s forthcoming e-mail.

Fallen also suggested sponsorship of a second tent for a total club contribution to WRTC2018 of up to $1,000.  It was verbally agreed that if there were excess contributions over the $500.00 mark, those would be matched up to $1,000.  President Lee suggested that if there were a second tent, it would be in the memory of K3TUP.

Lee and Duffy reported on NCC’s 2016 contest participation which continues to be strong and that NCC’s reputation as a force in the Medium Club Category continues to grow.

Vice President Duffy reported on plaque sponsorships (we currently sponsor two for CQ-WW and one for ARRL-DX).  Tim is reviewing the availability of additional sponsorships.

The 2016 ARRL club gavel was passed around and received appropriate oohs and ahs.  President Lee suggested that going forward, the club gavel be presented to a Warrior who has made significant personal contributions to NCC and contesting.  Tom suggested that Hal, W1NN be presented the gavel for his outstanding efforts on the NCC website.    The suggested was unanimously and enthusiastically approved.

New Business:

President Lee suggested a continuation of the dues holiday for 2017, but encouraged individual voluntary contributions be forwarded to Treasurer Fallen.  ($310.00 was collected after the meeting.)

There were no new candidates proposed for membership.

Vice President Duffy reported on the progress for the new venue for the 2017 Dayton Hamvention.  It is going well.  You can view YouTube video (including some incredible drone footage shot by Greg W8WWV) at DXEngineering.COM.  Tim encouraged us all to give the new venue a chance and that while nobody should expect perfection the first year, there are over 600 DARA volunteers working hard to make the Dayton experience much, much better than it’s been.  Parking at the Fairgrounds will be plentiful and free.

Contest University and the NCC Super Suite will continue at the Crowne Plaza.  No changes there.

Tim reported that seats at the 25th Annual Contest Banquet on Saturday night were going fast, so if your Dayton plans include that event, get your reservations in soon.

President Lee reminded us of upcoming contests including CW Sprint and ARRL DX Phone and CW.

There was a discussion on the future of the CQ Worldwide Contests vis-à-vis the iffy future existence of CQ Magazine.  Lee and Duffy assured the Membership that due to some strategic planning and actions by WWROF, CQ-WW will continue, with or without CQ.

Election of Officers:

The recommended slate of officers was unanimously approved:

K3LR – President                        K8AZ – Vice President

ND8L – Secretary/Treasurer      W1NN – Executive Web Guru

At this point, the gavel was passed to President Duffy.

Contest Whippage:

President Duffy reappointed the following Contest Whips:

ARRL/CQ-WW (Phone and CW):  W8CAR

RTTY Contests (including Sprints and CQ-WW RTTY):  WW3S

160 Meter Contests:  NO3M

CW Sprints:  K3LR


After a brief, but favorable discussion regarding the brevity of the proceedings, the meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM.

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