Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

February Sprint Results

The preliminary results for the February 2016 NA CW Sprint are in. NCC members participated in two teams organized by K3LR. The teams included several members of the Mad River Radio Club plus a few of our friends from around the country. Congratulations to Eric, NO3M for coming in first among the 19 team members who submitted scores.

The next CW Sprint is scheduled for September 10 (September 11 UCT).

NCC/MRRC Friends East

NO3M 15,620
K3LR 14,168
N2NC 13,995
K8MR 13,596
NP2X 12,600 op K9VV
NW2K 11,550
K3UA 11,295 LP
W2RQ 7,040 LP
N3SD 5,240 LP
K2UA 3,780

NCC/MRRC Friends West

K9NW 14,398
KW8N 13,771
N8EA 11,130 LP
W1NN 10,980 LP
W8WTS 10,332 LP
ND8L 7,568
W9PA 7,434
N5OT 6,513
N8XX 384 QRP

Solar Data
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