Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

CQWWDX CW Results Out – NCC Members On Top (Almost)

The results of the 2015 CQWWDX CW contest have been posted and once again NCC shows the world how to do it!

In the MM category, after three consecutive wins, K3LR slipped to second place in the US behind W3LPL as East Coast conditions proved to be impossible for the ops at ‘LR to overcome.  The ‘LPL ops managed higher QSO totals on all six bands, allowing them to outscore Tim’s gang despite ‘LR’s higher zone and country totals.  The K3LR score of 26.3 million was more than 10 million points below their 2014 all-time record score of 37.5 million points, showing just how much conditions have deteriorated in a single year.

The guys at W2FU came in fourth in the US with a QSO total of over 8,700!

In the Multi One category, it was a really close race but NQ4I managed to edge out the K8AZ team by a mere 0.5M points (10.9 vs 10.4 million).  Clearly Rick’s team down in Georgia had an advantage due to their southerly location.  Like K3LR, K8AZ’s score (10.4 million) was well down from their 2014 total (13.5 million).

In the SOAB low power category, Alex LZ4AX again piloted the K3CR station to first place in the US.  Way to go!

And your webmaster, W1NN, managed to place first in both Japan and Asia in the 40M SOHP category using his Japanese call 7J1AAI and operating from the station of JH1GTV.

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