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3 NCC/MRRC Teams in Sprint Top Ten Team Competition

NCC and our sister club the Mad River Radio Club fielded three joint teams in the February 2018 CW Sprint and all three managed to make the top ten in the team competition!

Conditions were terrible and the scores for most ops were down from the typical January scores.  Here are the details of our three teams based on the preliminary results posted on the Sprint website.  The numbers to the left show team placement while the right-hand column shows the total score achieved by the five operators:

5.  NCC/MRRC CQ (NO3M, KW8N, K3UA, K8MR, W2FU)         55,072

7. NCC/MRRC QRZ (K9NW, N2ZN, NA8V, N8EA, W1NN)          52,160

10.  NCC/MRRC DX (K3LR, W8WTS, W3YQ, W9PA, NW2K)     43,686

On a claimed score basis, here are the individual scores of our three team members, compiled by K3LR:

NCC/MRRC CQ NO3M 14,276 KW8N 13,005 K3UA 10,920 K8MR 10,692 W2FU  7,371 Team Total: 56,264 

NCC/MRRC QRZ K9NW 12,804 N2ZN 11,685 NA8V 10,164 W1NN  9,321 N8EA  9,320 Team Total: 53,294  

NCC/MRRC DX K3LR  13,500 W8WTS 11,111 W3YQ   9,348 W9PA   7,600 NW2K   3,680 Team Total: 45,239 

By comparing the total preliminary scores with the claimed scores, you can get an idea of how much our scores were reduced in the log checking.  The answer:  not very much!  There was only one change in order between the claimed scores and the preliminary scores.  In the former, W1NN edged out N8EA by one single point, but the preliminary scores show that after log checking, N8EA ended up ahead of W1NN by 30 points! 

NO3M and K3LR made the top ten high power list, while K3UA, N8EA and W1NN made the top ten low power list.  NO3M and K3LR were also in the total QSO top ten, with NO3M placing second!  K8MR operated from the station of K5KG where he produced the high score for FL.  W1NN operated remote from Japan. 

Excellent job everyone!


4 NCC/MRRC Teams in January NAQP CW

20 operators signed up to operate on a team in the January 2018 NAQP CW contest but only 14 actually managed to submit scores.  Despite the high overall participation in the US and Canada, our members seem to be busy with other things during this contest.  Each team had five registered members but unfortunately several ops were not able to get on, so none of our teams had a full complement of operators.  Naturally, none of them placed very high on the list of 101 teams.  Our best team placed 16th, while the other three teams placed 53rd, 61st and 62nd.  Here are the team scores:

16. NCC/MRRC Team 1 (NA8V,W1NN,K3UA,K8RYU) 593,996

53. NCC/MRRC Team 3 (K8MR,NF8M,K8BL,W8RU)   157,698

61. NCC/MRRC Team 4 (KW8N,N8XX,W8KNO)       130,131

62. NCC/MRRC Team 2 (WB8WKQ,N8FYL,K8AJS)    122,324 

Noteworthy scores were submitted by NA8V (995 contacts), W1NN (888 contacts), K3UA (784 contacts), and KW8N (675 contacts).  NA8V’s score was the second highest in the 8th call district, just behind that of N8II in WV.  Nice job, Greg.  Unfortunately, the NAQP whip, W1NN, failed to put WW3S on a team, or we might have had a little better standing for one of our teams since Jamie had nearly 600 contacts.  Apologies to Jamie. 

Jan 2018 Meeting at K8AZ

The annual K8AZ Open House and NCC meeting took place at Tom’s QTH in Chesterland on January 20.  Approximately 25 members were in attendance.  The recent sub-zero temps moderated somewhat and visitors were able to enjoy moderate weather for a change.  As usual, Tom prepared a great spread of snacks and pizza.  One highlight was the attendance of N3RA and K3UA, charter NCC members who usually are not able to attend the K8AZ festivities. 

NCC Treasurer Ray Fallen, ND8L, filed this report on the meeting:

- K8AZ read an e-mail from KQ8M describing his heart transplant
   surgery at The Cleveland Clinic.  Tim seems to be doing well, but
   has a long road to complete recovery.  Tim did report getting
   back on the air recently to work E31A.

- ND8L presented a brief treasurer's report.  Our current balance
    is $1257.93.  It was agreed that we would have another dues
    holiday in 2018.  However, voluntary contributions will be
    welcomed.  $260.00 was collected at the meeting.  If  you'd
    like to make a contribution to NCC in any amount, send a
    check payable to Ray Fallen at my CBA.

- K3LR reports that there is one tent left at WRTC 2018 and after
    a brief discussion, it was agreed that we would sponsor this
    tent in memory of NCC SK's W3GH and W8GN.  Like last year
    we voted to match individual NCC member's contributions up to $500
    dollar for dollar to reach the $1,000 contribution amount for the tent.

    If you wish to contribute, you may write a check to WWROF
     and mail to ND8L's CBA and I'll total up the checks to make sure
     we get the $500 for the club matching amount.  PLEASE DO NOT
     MAKE THE CHECK PAYABLE TO NCC or me.  If you mail your
     check directly to WWROF or pay via PayPal, please drop me an
     e-mail.  BTW contributions/donations to WWROF are tax deductible,
     for those who itemize deductions.

- K3LR and K8AZ led a brief discussion about the recent events at
    ARRL.  It was agreed that the best way to affect change is to
    reach out to your respective Division Director and make him
    aware of your opinions.  We agreed that at the present time,
    a letter from NCC would have minimal impact at this time.

- K3LR had a brief report on Dayton.  The Fairgrounds are building
    a 250,000 square foot building, the tents are going away and
    improvements are being made to resolve the mud situation in
    the flea market.  NCC will again sponsor the Contest Dinner on
    Saturday night along with the Contest Super Suite at the Crown
    Plaza.  Over 300 tickets for the contest dinner have been sold so far.

- Election of officers was held:  Results were:  K8AZ-President,
   K3LR-Vice President, ND8L-Secretary/Treasurer, W1NN-Webmaster.
   Contest whips will remain the same as 2017.

- The ARRL Club Gavel for Medium Sized Clubs was won by NCC for
    the umteenth time and was awarded to Contest Whip W8CAR.
    Congratulations Dan!

73 de ND8L
NO3M Wins September 2017 Sprint!

With the publication of the January/February 2018 NCJ, it became official:  NO3M has won the Sprint for the first time.  Congratulations, Eric! 

I looked over the records going back to 2000 and there has never been a Sprint winner from east of the Mississippi River, not to mention Pennsylvania, during this time.  For most of this century, the winners of the Sprints have been from the southwest and the west:  calls like N9RV, N2IC, N6TR, N5KO, N5TJ, etc. have dominated the top ten, with an occasional East Coast big gun like N2NT or K5ZD sneaking into the standings.  Back when W4AN was active, Georgia was at the top several times, but with this exception, the best East-of-the-Mississippi score I can find is during this time is the second-place finish by W9RE in September, 2011.  This shows just how enormous Eric’s accomplishment is. 

Those of us who have been operating the Thursday night NCCC Sprints (NS) are not surprised at Eric’s win in this event.  For the past several years, we have been watching him perfect his SO2R technique and operating skill to the point where he dominated the NS for several years running with scores way ahead of his nearest rival.  The only reason he has not been at the top of the Thursday night scores recently is that he seems to have taken a break from this activity to focus on his 160 goals and his 1930’s replica station equipment.   

As far as I can tell, Eric first made the top ten list in the September 2013 Sprint.  Since then, he has landed in the top ten numerous times and has often ranked higher on the total QSO list.    

By the way, NCC members are no strangers to the CW Sprint top ten box.  Over the 40 years of the Sprints, K3LR has been at the top of the list three times (possibly from Oklahoma?) and K3UA has placed first one time.  Both of these members have been in the top ten on several other occasions.  And a recent frequent winner – N9RV – is a former NCC member and still a good friend of the club. 

Getting back to the September Sprint results, in the team competition, NCC, along with our MRRC friends, fielded three teams, which placed fifth, sixth and ninth out of a total of 17 teams. 

In the low power category, two NCC members and one MRRC member made the top ten:  W1NN tied with K7SV for fourth place, N8EA was just behind him in sixth place, and K3UA came in ninth. 

In case you don’t subscribe to the NCJ, you can see the full results article on the NCJ website.

The next CW Sprint is scheduled for Saturday night local time on February 3, 2018.  As usual, Tim will be putting together teams so be sure to put this event on your schedule.


NCC Ops Claim Leading Scores in 2017 CQWWDX Tests

2017 was another winning year for NCC members in the most popular contests of the year – the CQWWDX tests.  Our top stations again can be found among the top claimed scores in these contests.  Here is an overview:

SSB Weekend

Once again, K3LR finds itself with the top USA claimed score with over 20.1 million points, nearly 5 million points ahead of East Coast rival W3LPL and way ahead of the 16.3 million point second-place claimed score of V26K.   This will be the 13th consecutive USA win for the K3LR superstation.  What a record!  Tim’s ops ended up making 9,631 contacts during the weekend, compared with 7,600 for Frank’s crew.  Their 2017 ‘LR contact total was well ahead of the 6,809 contacts they made in 2016 when conditions were terrible.  Wouldn’t it be nice if this were the beginning of a recovery in conditions?

In the super-competitive multi-single high power category, the K8AZ superstation, handicapped by being over 500 miles further from Europe than its main rivals, ended up in a virtual tie for third place with K5TR, behind W1NA and K1XM operating at K1LZ. 

Only three other NCC stations submitted SSB logs for the SSB weekend:  N2ZN, K8LY and K8ZT. 

CW Weekend

In the CW weekend, W3LPL again edged out K3LR 18,471,360 to 18,163,258 points.  This was a real squeaker, with Tim’s crew actually finding four more zones but Frank’s ops finding 157 more contacts.  These two scores are so close that it is conceivable that log checking could change the result.  The third-place claimed score was 12.6 million points from NR4M. 

In the Multi-Two category, two of NCC’s biggest stations competed for the top spot in the USA.  The crew at W2FU ended up second in the US behind the KC1XX station in New Hampshire with a really impressive 11.3 million point score.  Further west in the Cleveland area, K8AZ’s ops put in a 48 hour effort ending up just behind K2LE (8.9 million points) and K9CT (8.6 million points) with 8.4 million points to finish in the fifth spot in the US. 

A total of 7 NCC members submitted scores this time, a little better than the SSB weekend, but still not a very good showing, although quite a few members were busy at the multi-op stations.  In addition to the three superstations mentioned above, N8TR, K8ZT, K8LY and W1NN submitted scores for the club. 

NCC Wins Medium Club Gavel

NCC has won another gavel, this one for being at the top of the USA medium club category in the 2017 ARRL International DX Contests (phone combined with CW).  Not only did our score put us at the top of the medium category, but it was actually the fourth largest score made in any category!  NCC also won the same gavel in 2016 (and probably in many other years; we just don’t have the stats at hand). 

NCC President Tim Duffty commented  “Now onto BIG NCC scores for CQWW 2017 and ARRL DX 2018!” 

NCC Celebrates 30th Anniversary at K3LR Picnic

Nearly 30 members and guests gathered at the K3LR superstation in West Middlesex, PA on July 21, 2017 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the club.  Attendees feasted on a luxurious catered picnic fare of hot dogs and hamburgers and socialized at tables set up in Tim’s new garage or in the DX Engineering tent set up outside. 

Following dinner, a brief award ceremony was held to pass out plaques to the operators (K3GP, K3LA, K3UA, K8IV, N8NB, NO3M, ND8L and WW3S) who piloted the K3LR station to a first place North America (and second place world) win in the Multi-Single Low Power category of the 2016 CQ World Wide RTTY DX Contest. 

NCC President K3LR addressed the group, discussing his recent trip to Germany and proposing that the club sponsor a second tent at the 2018 WRTC to be held in Germany in July 2018.  The membership agreed that the club should donate $500 and that members donate an additional $500 dollars, and in just a few minutes generous members had come up with the needed funds!  Vice President Tom Lee K8AZ also made some comments and presented the club’s gavel to the NCC webmaster W1NN to recognize his efforts to keep the website up to date.

Greg W8WWV.brought his quadcopter drone and made another of his fabulous K3LR flyby videos which he promptly posted to Youtube.  Have a look at: 

Picnic attendees received NCC coffee mugs with the inscription “30th Anniversary July 21, 2017.”  Thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity, Tim!

We are posting a few pictures of the picnic in the picture gallery.    

K3LR Racks up 8th Straight Win in 2017 ARRL DX SSB

The results for the 2017 ARRL International DX Contest SSB are out and K3LR again led the pack, placing first in the world!  It was the eighth consecutive number one placement for Tim’s ops.  These guys own this contest!  What’s Tim’s formula?  It’s simple to describe and extremely difficult to execute:  the best hardware plus the best ops.  Look at this list of ops at K3LR this year:  K1AR, K1DG, K3UA, N2NC, N2NT, K3LR, N3GJ, N3SD, N5UM, NP4G, VE3EJ, W2RQ, WM2H! 

Conditions were as bad as anyone could remember.  Tom Lee, K8AZ wrote that conditions were likely “the worst radio conditions since operations began here in 1985.”  K3LR’s score only barely reached one-third of their 2016 score (6.2 mil vs 18.2 mil) and their QSO total was exactly half of what they achieved in the previous year.  Contacts declined on all six bands compared with 2016, with 10 and 15 taking the biggest hits.  15 meters alone saw a drop of 2,433 contacts (536 vs 2,969)!

In the multi-two category, K8AZ’s ops placed third in a hard fought battle with W4RM in VA and N1MM in CT.  The scores were very close:  W4RM 1,621,538, N1MM 1,602,557, and K8AZ 2,416,554.  There is no doubt that Tom’s ops would be on top without their huge geographical disadvantage.

Lots of NCC members gave this contest a pass, no doubt discouraged by the awful conditions.  Only 9 scores were submitted for the club.  Noteworthy scores were posted by Jamie WW3S (710 contacts) and Ray ND8L (602). 


N8NB Selling Alpha 99 Amp

For Sale:

Alpha 99 amplifier in excellent condition. New finals installed and bias adjusted by DXE’s “amp man”.  Full power plus– 45 watts in got 1500 watts out in test. Cooling fan for the transformer has been installed. Non-smoking environment, one-owner and not used seriously in a contest. $2000 firm. Contact Dave Fairbanks(N8NB) at K3LR’s picnic or at  Amp can be brought to picnic or it is a short drive to N8NB’s qth.

The pulled finals are available in a separate deal (2) GU74B for $300. They got 1500 watts out with 70 watts drive.

2017 ARRL DX CW Results

Results are out for the 2017 ARRL International DX CW Contest and NCC again dominated or nearly dominated several important categories for W/VE stations.  Here is a summary of our members’ efforts.

W2FU crushed their rivals in the Multi Two category from WNY with a score more than 1.5 million points ahead of second place K9CT.  The ‘FU ops garnered 5,127 contacts and 547 mults versus 4,226 and 528 for ‘CT.  Great going, Jeff & Co.  The K8AZ crew in Cleveland came in fourth in this competitive category with 3,859 and 518.

In the MM category, K3LR’s operators found 7 more mults than their MDC rival W3LPL but Frank’s guys managed 214 more contacts to edge out K3LR 11,982,705 points to 11,766,090 points.  Talk about a close race! 

In the SOAB high power category, K3CR piloted by LZ4AX took first place in this most competitive category from WPA, beating out K1ZZ in Connecticut.  Whether high power or low power, Alex is almost always on top of the list!  Good job, Alex.

In another photo finish, VP2MVV, operated by NCC member N2ZN and WJ2O, barely missed a first in world DX ranking in the multi single low power category.  The crew at V3T were 6 multipliers behind but 114 contacts ahead to edge out the guys at VP2MVV by a mere 33,666 points (4,794,258 to 4,760,592).  That must have been a real heartbreaker.

Over in Asia, your webmaster, struggling with terrible conditions, managed to win the 40 meter single band category in Japan from 7J1AAI with 565 contacts and 52 mults. This would have been the top 40 meter score in Asia but for the fact that the continent of Asia extends all the way to Turkey and TA3D was able to make over 400 more contacts than anyone else in that “continent.”  Hal also found time to put W1NN on the air remotely to contribute a couple more points to the NCC club score.

Other noteworthy scores were produced by K8CX (nearly 2,000 contacts), N8TR and WW3S.  The latter’s LP assisted score was the top score in WPA and 6th in North America.

All together, NCC members submitted 16 scores for the club in the CW weekend totaling 41 million points, 30,559 contacts, and 4,426 multipliers!      


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