Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

Supporting Ham Radio Contesting Since 1989

4 NCC/MRRC Teams in January NAQP CW

20 operators signed up to operate on a team in the January 2018 NAQP CW contest but only 14 actually managed to submit scores.  Despite the high overall participation in the US and Canada, our members seem to be busy with other things during this contest.  Each team had five registered members but unfortunately several ops were not able to get on, so none of our teams had a full complement of operators.  Naturally, none of them placed very high on the list of 101 teams.  Our best team placed 16th, while the other three teams placed 53rd, 61st and 62nd.  Here are the team scores:

16. NCC/MRRC Team 1 (NA8V,W1NN,K3UA,K8RYU) 593,996

53. NCC/MRRC Team 3 (K8MR,NF8M,K8BL,W8RU)   157,698

61. NCC/MRRC Team 4 (KW8N,N8XX,W8KNO)       130,131

62. NCC/MRRC Team 2 (WB8WKQ,N8FYL,K8AJS)    122,324 

Noteworthy scores were submitted by NA8V (995 contacts), W1NN (888 contacts), K3UA (784 contacts), and KW8N (675 contacts).  NA8V’s score was the second highest in the 8th call district, just behind that of N8II in WV.  Nice job, Greg.  Unfortunately, the NAQP whip, W1NN, failed to put WW3S on a team, or we might have had a little better standing for one of our teams since Jamie had nearly 600 contacts.  Apologies to Jamie. 

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