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NCC/MRRC Team Places Fifth

August NAQP scores were published in the November/December issue of NCJ and the combined NCC/MRRC team came in fifth in a field of 81 teams.  Congratulations to NP2X, NO3M, NA8V, KU8E and K8ND for a fine finish competing against very strong ops at some of the best stations in the country.   In all NCC/MRRC fielded five teams which placed fifth, 346th, 42nd, 53rd and 70th.

NCC/MRRC Teams Place High in February CW Sprint

The July/August issue of NCJ carries the results of the February 2015 Sprint showing that the two NCC teams organized by K3LR placed fourth and fifth out of 17 teams.  The NCC/MRRC East team, consisting of NO3M, K3LR, K1AR, NW2K, KU8E, K3UA, ND8L, W8WTS and NP4G, ended up with 95,4530 points, behind third-place DFW #1 with 121,401 points.  Just behind the East team was NCC/MRRC West with 88,121 points.  The West team was made up of KW8N, K9NW, K8MM, W1NN (operating remote from Japan), W8CAR, NA8V, N8SS, KL8RA and N8XX.  It is worth noting that the East team only had nine members.  NO3M achieved the top score for the East team with 16,200 points, while KW8N with 13,717 points headed up the West team.  NO3M placed fourth in the country in this event!  Well done Eric.

The next CW Sprint is scheduled for September 13 UTC (Saturday night September 12).  Mark your calendars!

NCC Shines in 2014 CQ WW DX Contests

It seems like the final results for the CQ WW DX contests are announced earlier and earlier each year. For the 2014 contests, NCC again showed its multi-op prowess with a number of top and near-top finishes. Here is a brief summary of the final results for our club:


Fantastic high band conditions and near-record participation (8,283 logs submitted) combined to produce another year of great SSB scores in 2014. In the MM competition, for the 10th consecutive year, K3LR placed first in the USA, achieving the second highest score in the world behind only HK1NA. In the multi-single category, K8AZ’s crew achieved another good score from Ohio while the VE3EJ team produced the top Canadian MS score.


Great conditions and record activity helped NCC multi-operator stations K3LR, W2FU and K8AZ produce some fantastic scores. K3LR bested its winning 2013 score to set a new USA record in the MM category. The K3LR gang’s score was not only the top US score but fourth in the world and not far from second place in the world. Close behind was the W2FU team at third place in the US and seventh in the world.  Jeff’s ops are doing better each year and no doubt are gearing up to give K3LR some real competition.  The guys at K8AZ again triumphed in the MS category.

In the combined CW + SSB USA club competition, NCC, with only 26 scores, came in sixth, competing against the likes of YCCC whose score included logs from 270 stations.  Well done!

NCC President K3LR Recognized

Tim Duffy, K3LR, president of NCC, has been honored as the 2015 Dayton Hamvention Amateur of the Year. The award was presented at the Dayton Hamvention in May. This award has been given to individuals that have made great contributions to our hobby and Tim joins a list of award winners that goes back over half a century. Here is what the Hamvention press release said about Tim:

Tim Duffy, K3LR, of West Middlesex, PA, has a long history of giving back to Amateur Radio. He is founder, promoter and chairman of the successful Contest University (CTU) which has helped to teach radio sport contest operating with excellent volunteer professors. The first CTU was held in Dayton in 2007. Since then more 3,700 radio radio sport enthusiasts have attended 25 CTU’s held in eight different countries under his watchful guidance.

Since 1984 K3LR has moderated the Dayton Hamvention antenna forum, coordinating the presentation of more than 100 papers about antennas. He is also involved in scheduling many contesting activities during Hamvention including the Contest Super Suite, the Contest Dinner and recently the annual Top Band Dinner.

Duffy serves as an officer of several radio clubs and was recently elected to the position of ARRL Section Manager for Western Pennsylvania. He became a ham at age 12 in 1972 and lives in Pennsylvania on 11 acres with over 50 antennas.

Congratulations, Tim! We’re very proud of you!

NCC Announces 23rd Annual Dayton Contest Dinner
The North Coast Contesters are proud to announce:

The 23rd Annual Dayton Contest Dinner 

2015 Contest Dinner tickets are on sale now exclusively via our web site.

Thanks to Scott, KA9FOX and for designing, building and running the
Contest Dinner web site.

Master of Ceremonies for the Dayton Contest Dinner is Contest Hall of
Fame member and World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF) Chairman, John
Dorr, K1AR. 

Our featured speaker will be announced later.

The 2015 Contest Hall of Fame inductees will be announced.

The Contest Dinner will be held on Saturday night, May 16, 2015 at 6:30
PM  Cash bar opens at 5:30 PM.

Located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Official Contester Hotel)
5th and Jefferson Streets (Next to the Dayton Convention Center)
Dayton (Downtown), Ohio in the PRESIDENTIAL BALLROOM on the second floor.

Seating is random. Tables are set in rounds of 10. You can purchase an
entire table for your group (purchased group tables are set for 8).

Tickets are only available on
There are no tickets for sale at the door.

The 27th annual Contest Super Suite (all FOUR nights during Dayton) details
are here:

And Contest University seats are filling up fast

We expect another sold out event for the Dayton Contest dinner. 
Get your tickets early!

Tim K3LR
Dayton Contest Dinner Chairman
President, North Coast Contesters
NCC Officers Re-elected at Annual Meeting

NCC Club secretary Ray Fallen, ND8L submitted the following report on the January 3 annual meeting held at the QTH of Tom, K8AZ.  See also the Photo Galleries for a few pictures of the meeting:

Well, the 2015 North Coast Contesters Annual Meeting has come and gone. Once again, thanks to Tucker and K8AZ for hosting a great get-together. Attendance was a little down this year probably due to the balmy Ohio weather and no Mad River guys, but it was a great opportunity for Warriors reconnect, share a story or two and look forward to 2015.

Officers (Note:  Tim K3LR president, Tom K8AZ vice president and Ray ND8L secretary/treasurer) were re-elected, whips were re-appointed, we welcomed Rod Erhart WN8R as our newest member, K8CX shared details on his amazing ARRL Ten Meter effort from P4 and K3LR presented an excellent review on The State of the North Coast Contesters.

If I may summarize Brother Duffy’s comments (and since I found out I’m supposed to take notes) here goes…

The state of our club is strong, vibrant and relevant. NCC continues to be a significant presence in the contesting community both from a contest participation standpoint (we own the WW Medium Club Gavel and have for the last ten years or so) and from our activities outside of the actual contest arena, such as WRTC and the Dayton Contest Super Suites.

Our brand is well represented though W1NN’s efforts to make NorthCoastContesters.COM…an internet resource for current and prospective contesters. We all owe Hal huge attaboys for taking that project and making it happen. Let’s all support his efforts with photos, stories, links and any other content ideas you might have for your NCC website.

 If you have a personal website, make sure you include a link to the NCC site!

 Finally, and hey, I’m just doin’ my job…your 2015 dues of $20.00 US money is now due. Many of the guys at last night’s meeting kicked in a few extra bucks for our rainy day fund, on top of the $20.00 annual dues. As ‘AZ pointed out, this financial cushion gives us a flexibility to act on various opportunities that arise with a simple e-mail vote, without the added pressure of securing funding. It works!

Please mail your check payable to me (not NCC, since the club doesn’t have a checking account) and send to my CBA:

Ray Fallen

504 East Liberty Street

Hubbard, OH 44425-2136

 Humbly submitted,

Ray, ND8L


K8CX in Aruba for ARRL 10M Contest

Tom, K8CX visited Aruba with friends W8SHR and KB8OBO to operate as P40CX, making 1407 / 138 on CW and 1929 / 150 on SSB for a total of 3336 / 288 and a claimed score of 2.7 Million points.  Congratulations on an excellent score, Tom.  See the Photo Gallery for more details and pictures of the trip.

K3LR Sets new US M/M Record in CQWWDX CW


The gang at K3LR just doesn’t know how to quit. In the 2014 CQWWDX CW contest, the ops at K3LR cranked out almost 13,000 contacts to exceed their record-setting 2013 all-time record. Their claimed score came in at 38.8 million points versus a final score of 37.4 million points in 2013. Here are the numbers:

CQ Worldwide DX Contest,CW

Call: K3LR


Station: K3LR

Class: M/M HP

QTH: West Middlesex, PA

Operating Time (hrs): 48


Band   QSOs   Zones Countries

160:      400       23       84

80:      1549       35     121

40:     2845       40     151

20:      3410       39     166

15:      2684       39     161

10:      2103       40     164

Total: 12991   216     847     Total Score = 38,838,831


In the SSB weekend, the ‘LR ops produced 13,689 contacts for 32.8 million points, just a hair below their 33.9 million point record in 2013.

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: K3LR


Station: K3LR

Class: M/M HP

QTH: West Middlesex, PA

Operating Time (hrs): 48


Band    QSOs   Zones Countries

160:        417   16       48

80:         864   26     102

40:       2053   38     137

20:       2786   39     168

15:        3327   39     164

10:        3242   38     170

Total: 12689   196     789

Total Score = 32,840,580

Club: North Coast Contesters



W2FU Challenging in CQWWDX CW M/M

The ops at W2FU keep improving and are starting to nip at the heels of the K3LR crew.  W2FU’s claimed score was just behind K3LR and W3LPL.  Great job there guys.



Here is their 3830 summary:

Call: W2FU


Station: W2FU

Class: M/M HP


Operating Time (hrs): 48

Location: USA


Band QSOs          Zones Countries

160:   431      19    78

80:     1485   35 120

40:     2389    40 143

20:     2775    39 158

15:     2648    39 166

10:     2068   39 160

Total:          11796   211         825

Total Score 34,341,328

Club: North Coast Contesters


160 Meters – N2CU & WB2ABD

80 Meters – K2AXX & AI2N

40 Meters – K2CYE K0SM K2QO

20 Meters – N2ZN W2FU W2GN

15 Meters – K2TJ NW2K

10 Meters – K2SSS N2PP

A great time was had by all, and maybe the best is that we didn’t have any snow or cold WX to deal with at the end. Wonderful warm winter day here on Sunday. Mostly veterans of W2FU, and two new ops this year. Everyone did an outstanding job and improvements across the board this year.   Jeff – W2FU

K8AZ First in US M/S in CQWWDX CW

On the heels of significant antenna improvements during the summer of 2014, K8AZ and crew set a new all-time station record and stands at first place in the US in the M/S category.  The following is Tom’s 3830 report on the contest:



Call: K8AZ


Station: K8AZ

Class: M/S HP


Operating Time (hrs): 48

Location: USA


Band            QSOs   Zones  Countries

160:                 55        16         51

80:                268       30       102

40:               1474      37        130

20:               1528      39       145

15:                 939      37        143

10:               1050     37         147

Total:          5314   196         718    Total Score 14,048,180

Club: North Coast Contesters


Fabulous conditions and an all-time high score here (including multi-two efforts.) Big thanks to all who helped build this station, and congratulations to holders of all the new record-breaking scores. 73, Tom, K8AZ

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